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Justin Alberto fights, wins his traffic ticket against GPD

Justin Alberto holds up the traffic violation ticket a GPD officer issued to him for honking his horn at his son's school to get his wife's attention so that their son wouldn't dart out into the street

By Troy Torres

(Tumon, Guam) Justin Alberto left the courthouse today as a victor against the temperamental and arbitrary ruse of a power-tripping cop.

On August 23, Mr. Alberto was parked outside his son's elementary school, while his wife went into the campus to wait for their son to exist his classroom. Their son has some special needs. If he sees his parents's car and no one is near him to stop him, he will dart over to the car despite traffic.

On that day, Mr. Alberto noticed his son leaving his classroom when students were dismissed and his wife not too far away, but looking in the other direction. He honked his horn to get her attention so that she'd see the boy.

As he entered the campus driveway, a Guam Police Officer directed him to park, then issued him a traffic violation ticket, citing an obscure law against unnecessary noise caused by a car horn. Mr. Alberto tried telling the officer about the situation, but he issued the ticket anyway and told him to tell it to the judge.

So, this morning, Mr. Alberto told his story to Judge Maria Fitzpatrick. Her honor wasn't even aware of this obscure law, and told everyone in the courtroom that she does the same thing.

He won his case. Justice exists.

The Guam Police Department needs to start investing its time away from stupid cases like these that have wasted the Albertos and the judge's time, and work on cleaning itself from the inside out of the police corruption it's been ignoring and fueling for years.

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