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Kilili rips into Torres and the Republicans. Paraphrasing here: 'Lower yo' MF voice!'

By Nancy I. Maanao

U.S. Congressman Gregorio "Kilili" Sablan (D-CNMI) is sick and tired of the lies spewing from Gov. Ralph Torres and his lackeys in the governor's office and his cabinet.

Calling BS on Mr. Torres's habit of claiming credit for federal taxpayer money, Kilili posted on Facebook a reminder to Torres that it has fought against the very policies by the Democrats that have kept the CNMI government afloat, and the Commonwealth's people from starving.

The rebuke from Kilili follows a cascade of ever-growing incoherent rhetoric from the governor's office by his spokesman Kevin Bautista and senior advisor Robert Hunter claiming credit on behalf of the governor for programs federally funded through Kilili's efforts.

Here is Kilili's full statement:

The Torres administration should make up its mind.
First, the Torres administration criticizes the Marianas Democrats for aligning with the Democratic national program.
Then, the administration brags about how it is spending American Rescue Plan money, which we Democrats passed through Congress without a single Republican vote.
Look, it is the Democratic national platform that is giving much-needed aid to the people of the Marianas.
It is the Democratic platform that has kept the hospital open, kept the lights on, paid private and public employees during their furlough.
It is the Democratic national platform that gave a half a billion dollars in direct aid to the Commonwealth government to pay for tax refunds and retirees.
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Someone has to call out lying Torres and his insiders.

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