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Lawyer arrested following alleged hostage situation in Tamuning

By Jacob Nakamura

Attorney John Bordallo Bell was arrested Saturday after allegedly holding his staff hostage for several hours and threatening to cut off their hands and kill them.

Police spokesman Sgt. Mike Aguon confirms to Kandit News that 43-year-old John Richard Bordallo Bell was booked and confined in connection with Terrorizing and Felonious Restraint. The incident took place at Attorney Bell’s law firm in a house located on Veronica Way in Jonestown Tamuning.

A relative of one of the employees told Kandit News that the staff was in fear for their lives for about three hours Saturday morning during the hostage situation.

“He kept accusing them of fraud and threaten to kill and cut their hands off if they touch their phones,” the relative, who wished to remain anonymous out of fear for the safety of their family, said. “This went on for approxiamtely 3 hours til one of worker was able to get a msg out for help to call 911.”

In recent days Attorney Bell went to social media with expletive-laced rants and attacks against the Attorney General, a senator, fellow lawyers, judges, a Supreme Court Justice, his staff, former legal opponents and claimed he was not being paranoid but the mafia was out to get him. He lamented that the AG was out to dinner while he was working on payroll for his own law firm and trying to “manage implosion” of his law firm. He spoke openly of cases involving his clients including matters that could be considered privileged. He wrote about killing. Several hours after his arrest, the Facebook page belonging to Attorney John Bordallo Bell was deactivated.

In April of 2019, Kandit News exclusively reported at length about an employee at the Department of Labor who claimed that Attorney Bell had been harassing her and how she feared for her safety. No charges were ever brought against Attorney John Bordallo Bell for those allegations.

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