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Leaders launch typhoon relief drive for the Philippines; 76/Circle K, IT&E, and Paradise gyms help

By Jacob Nakamura

The Filipino Community of Guam is asking for your help to bring needed relief to hundreds of thousands of Filipinos suffering in the Philippines. SPPC's 76/Circle K stores, IT&E, and Paradise Fitness Centers have joined in the effort to assist the FCG raise money for the Philippines.

The country is recovering from the devastation of two back-to-back typhoons: Rolly and Ulysses. Super typhoon Ulysses, which rampaged Metro Manila and surrounding provinces last week, leaving hundreds of thousands of people homeless, without food, running water and electricity, and with little hope for the holidays.

Several citizens were killed by the storm, and have been missing since. Ulysses was the strongest storm of 2020 on earth.

The FCG, which normally leads food and clothes donation drives in the aftermath of major storms, this time is asking the public for cash donations because of the COVID-19 situation both in Guam and in the Philippines. There are several ways planned by FCG and its corporate supporters for you to make your donation:

Donate directly to the FCG

The FCG itself will accept cash or check donations from November 18 through December 31, which can be mailed to the FCG, or picked up by one of its officers. Checks may be made payable to Filipino Community of Guam.

You may mail your check to P.O. Box 315905, Tamuning, Guam 96931. If you want your cash or check donation to be picked up from you, you may make arrangements for this by calling one of the FCG's officers:

  • President, James Robinson 687-5435

  • Treasurer Beth Cena 988-6860

  • Asst. Treasurer Loisa Cabuhat 727-6880

  • Board of Trustee, Roy Adonay 482-8325

  • Leah Beth O. Naholowaa, Ed.D 777-0479

Donation boxes at 76/Circle K and Paradise Fitness Centers

Thanks to the charity of SPPC and Guam Fitness Solutions, the FCG will be placing donation boxes at all 76/Circle K stores, and all Paradise Fitness Centers. The donation boxes should be available for your donation by next week.

IT&E Text-to-Donate from Nov. 18 - Nov. 26

To help those in the Philippines devastated by Typhoons Rolly and Ulysses, IT&E Guam is hosting a text-to-donate campaign from November 18 to 26, 2020. All funds raised will support the Filipino Community of Guam’s relief efforts for the typhoon victims.

IT&E postpaid and prepaid subscribers can help those in need by donating in increments of $1, $3, and $5 by texting their donation to 4357 (HELP).

To donate, subscribers can text:

  • GIVE1 for $1

  • GIVE3 for $3

  • GIVE5 for $5

“Typhoons Rolly and Ulysses have left their mark in the Philippines and their people need help urgently. By uniting with our subscribers, the Filipino Community of Guam and the entire community of Guam, we can help alleviate the impacts of these disasters.” - Jim Oehlerking, CEO of IT&E


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