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Leaked internal memo says IPI installed new CEO

By Troy Torres

An internal memo from Imperial Pacific International CNMI LLC shows the company selected a new chief executive officer from within Friday, though no public announcement has been made.

Donald Browne, formerly the company's senior vice president, now is the CEO.

"Don is a well regarded leader of IPI with decades of gaming experience," the memo reads.

"In his previous role as Senior Vice President, he proves that his experience and drive will take IPI to the next level of growth and development under a reorganized structure," the memo continued.

IPI is facing a barrage of financial and political problems, on top of a number of lawsuits and the possibility of criminal prosecution following federal raids into the company late last year.

Calls to IPI for confirmation have gone unanswered.

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1 Comment

"Mr. Browne will be assisted by his trusted associates, Larry and Moe."

What's the difference between IPI and the Titanic?

Titanic had a band.

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