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LWA payments not affected by AS400 glitch

By Johnnie Rosario


Residents expecting an up-to-$1,800 payment into their bank accounts from Lost Wages Act unemployment assistance need not worry about the Department of Administration's payroll problems, according to Department of Labor spokeswoman Hannah Cho.

"The issue with the GovGuam paychecks won’t affect LWA," Ms. Cho said. "We are waiting for the drawdown to reach the bank, but it’s Thanksgiving in the states."

While LWA payment records were submitted to DOA for processing, the payment system and banker are different from GovGuam's payroll system. DOL is able to track the system from its servers.

"We don't have the funds on our payment system yet, so no one has gotten it yet," Ms. Cho said.

The first LWA payment was made Tuesday, November 24, and now is working its way through the stateside banker.

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