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Man beats wife, chases her with knife, points AR-15 rifle at her and threatens to kill her

By Johnnie Rosario

(Tumon, Guam) Prosecutor Steven Haderlie is accusing a man of strangling, beating, and threatening to kill his wife.

At 2:01 p.m. yesterday, Joy Lynn Sanchez Aguon walked into the Hagatna Precinct to report her husband for physically abusing her, pointing an AR-15 rifle at her and threatening to kill her, and grabbing a kitchen knife and chasing her into the restroom, where she locked herself to escape death.

Ms. Aguon told police that the night before at 11 p.m., she and her husband, Vince Joseph Chiguina Aguon, who was drunk, were arguing. Mr. Aguon pushed his wife several times in the chest before she bent over to pick up clothes on the ground. He then stepped down on her neck before pushing her against the closet and punching her on both sides of her stomach.

SOURCE: Guam Department of Corrections

Ms. Aguon broke away, but her husband was able to reach her as she ran and strangled her for at least 10 seconds. He pulled her hair and squeezed her head. He retrieved a kitchen knife and chased her to the bathroom, where she had locked herself. He shouted at her, “I’m going to stab you!” Their son was in the bedroom as this was happening.

Ms. Aguon told the police that three weeks prior to this assault, Mr. Aguon pointed his rifle at her and threatened to kill her. The weapon is registered to him.

Mr. Aguon admitted to police he had been drinking the previous night, but denied ever assaulting or threatening his wife.

Mr. Haderlie, in his declaration of probable cause to the Superior Court, accuses Mr. Aguon of one count of strangulation as a third degree felony, and two counts of terrorizing as a third degree felony. He also is accusing Ms. Aguon of two counts of family violence as third degree felonies.

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