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Man commits the same crime, in the same place after judge releases him

By Troy Torres

It was Johanes John's birthday Monday, when police officers say he approached his neighbor while holding a knife, jammed his face with his fist, and used the knife to break his neighbor's car windows. Mr. John, according to official records, is either 25 or 26, with two birth dates listed in the declaration of probable cause filed against him by prosecutor Rolland Wimberly.

Mr. Wimberly did not state why Mr. John approached his neighbor, Douglas Robert, and assaulted him and his car, a Dodge Durango. According to Mr. Wimberly, Mr. John approached his neighbor while he was working on his car, used the knife to crack the rear passenger window, then punched Mr. Robert in the face. The man lost consciousness, then woke to see Mr. John cracking the front windshield.

A witness, Karen Johnson, confirmed the account.

"She reported that she observed John assault Douglas and then walk along the roadway, damaging the vehicle glass of two vehicles in addition to that of the Durango," Mr. Wimberly stated in his declaration. "Karen reported that John had an object in his hand that he was usIng to damage the vehicles. Karen called the police."

Mr. John is accused of committing the same crime last year, at the same neighbor's home, and with at least one of the same people witnessing the alleged destruction of a vehicle. He was released by a judge following his arrest last year and was on pre-trial release.

Mr. Wimberly is charging Mr. John with three counts of criminal mischief as a third degree felony with a special allegation of felony on felony release, misdemeanor assault, and criminal trespass.

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