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Man tells off, pistol whips neighbor at Anigua gas station

By Troy Torres

(Tumon, Guam) Bratley Paulis, who has 14 aliases and two birthdates on record, confessed to police that on October 2 he saw his neighbor at the Anigua Mobil Gas Station and hit him. "I did it," he told responding officers to the complaint his neighbor made around 8 p.m. that day.

His neighbor, according to prosecutor Peter Santos's declaration of probable cause, was pumping gas, when Mr. Paulis arrived and began cussing at him for reasons unknown to the neighbor. He left the scene after threatening the victim by showing him what appeared to be a gun strapped to his waste, then came back and pistol whipped the man with it.

Officers Mirandized Mr. Paulis, who then admitted to hitting his neighbor before invoking his right to an attorney and asking for a speedy trial. Officers found an open cold can of Budweiser in Mr. Paulis's car, and a black "POWERLINE" Daisy Model 415 (.177Caliber) C02 BB Gun, pistol type.

Mr. Santos accuses Mr. Paulis of one count of assault as a misdemeanor, and one count of possession of an opened container of alcohol in a motor vehicle as a misdemeanor.

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