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Man with stay-away order returns to assault girlfriend

By Troy Torres

SOURCE: Guam Department of Corrections

Twenty-year-old Devin Jay Camacho San Nicolas went pyscho on his girlfriend two afternoons ago and was soon after arrested by Guam Police Officers Frances Castro and Andrew Penafiel for family violence, criminal mischief, violation of a court order, and harassment.

The stay-away order issued by Judge Vernon Perez in a prior harassment case upon his girlfriend, for which he is free on probation, did not stop him from assaulting her in broad daylight and with witnesses around.

Prosecutor Renaida San Nicolas, in her declaration of probable cause that details the Attorney General’s accusations against Mr. San Nicolas, a witness saw Mr. San Nicolas and a woman later identified as his girlfriend arguing in a car, where she was sitting in the driver’s seat. The car was parked at Cost-U-Less in Tamuning.

The witness observed blood on Mr. San Nicolas’s fist. The witness saw Mr. San Nicolas punching the radio console of the car before his girlfriend said she would call the police. Mr. San Nicolas told her, “If you’re gonna call them, I’m gonna make it worth it.” He then punched the center rearview mirror, dislodging it.

Mr. San Nicolas’s girlfriend told officers that he hit her cellphone out of her hand and the phone hit her glasses and her forehead. The officers observed the red swollen area between her eyes. He cracked and broke her car’s aircon vents, on top of the other damage noted above in this story.

Mr. San Nicolas currently is on probation in criminal case CM0104-18, a case to which he is serving probation out of prison for harassing his girlfriend just last year.

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