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Manglona has recent criminal past; fled Ohio after indictment

By Eric Rosario

Guam's public health medical director, Dr. Janna W. Manglona, was released from criminal probation in the state of Ohio just two years ago, where she is better known as Janna Wilgus.

"Dr. Manglona was hired during the Calvo administration first under contract in 2011 and then as a merit employee in 2013," governor's spokeswoman Krystal Paco said. "What the Calvo administration knew or did not know back then—is better suited for others to communicate. Everyone who owes child support should pay it—and it appears this matter is under settlement. That said, no woman should be called derogatory names for having an opinion and expressing it. We are better people than that." Ms. Paco was referring to statements Dr. Vince Akimoto made that were critical of Dr. Manglona.

Dr. Manglona was indicted in Ohio courts in 2001 and 2013 on two felony counts, and three misdemeanors. The cases involved the same crime - she abandoned her two children and failed to pay child support.

According to case filings in Ohio and the CNMI, and to the Herald Dispatch, the former Ohio resident owed more than $100,000 in child support and fled to Saipan, following her first indictment.

Judge Charles Cooper issued a warrant for Dr. Manglona's arrest the day after the terrorist attacks in New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania. That warrant, issued September 12, 2001, would not be returned, filed, and recalled until June 29, 2010. And that was only after efforts by the prosecuting attorney to extradite the doctor from Saipan had failed.

During that time period, Dr. Manglona's two children reached the age of emancipation and moved to Saipan to live with her. She supported them at that point, according to CNMI court documents.

On May 21, 2013, Lawrence County prosecutors and Dr. Manglona agreed to her plea of guilty on a misdemeanor nonsupport of dependents charge, and Judge Cooper signed off. She was to write a check for $35,000 to her ex husband as a show of good faith, and she was required to make monthly payments of $1,428 throughout her five year probation period.

She plead to a criminal misdemeanor charge, which carried a six month jail sentence. Her sentence was suspended, provided that she maintained her payments.

On June 25, 2018, the court lifted her probation.

Documents show Dr. Manglona started a private practice in Guam on July 1, 2013, a little more than a month after her guilty plea.

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