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Matt Duke strangles and beats girlfriend; Marshals save her from 3-year nightmare


By Troy Torres

(Tumon, Guam) Mathieu Bryan Duke apparently thinks it’s okay to strangle women, when he loses an argument to one.

According to prosecutor Renaida San Nicolas’s declaration of probable cause, on October 2, Mr. Duke and his girlfriend were arguing, when he punched her face multiple times, then pinned her to the wall with his hand strangling her throat.

She couldn’t breathe for 15 seconds, according to information she gave to police, who responded to Court Marshals who just happened to be serving a bench warrant to Mr. Duke at his home in Yona October 3. The Marshals noticed Mr. Duke’s girlfriend had several physical injuries, including swelling to one cheek, a black eye, multiple cuts, and abrasion to her legs and neck area.

The Marshals called police to arrest Mr. Duke for his crimes against her. Mr. Duke admitted to police that he held his girlfriend by her throat against the wall on her neck area for approximately five to 10 seconds.

His girlfriend told police they had been in a relationship for three years. He began physically abusing her the first year they were dating.

Ms. San Nicolas accuses Mr. Duke of strangulation as a third degree felony and family violence as a third degree felony.

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Photos taken by GPD, Victims Testimony, Marshall's Report, GPD report and your Confession...!!!

I have never judged nor will i ever judge another " Man."

I Will say these though:

Love is Precious, Live is Joy, Love is Happiness, Love has no Bounds, Love Gives Back... forever Love is Unconditional. There isn't any " ME " when it comes to Love.

Reflect, Pray, Accept Our Lord and Savior into your Heart and LIFE.

It's NOT to late. ONLY YOU can Fix This.

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