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Mayo document states unnamed mayors are involved in drug trade

By Eric Rosario

Up until two weeks ago, federal court records and trials have implicated one mayor and one former local court marshal in a police corruption conspiracy involving the drug trade. They are former Yona mayor and current federal convict Jesse Blas, and former Department of Corrections deputy director Joey Terlaje, respectively.

But on April 30, 2021, the attorneys for convicted drug felon Mark Mayo filed a pleading to Judge Frances Tydingco-Gatewood for leniency for their client. Among the arguments they made were that Mayo wasn't the head of an elaborate drug trafficking conspiracy; that co-conspirator and convicted felon Lovelia Mendoza was the head of the conspiracy; and that among the employ of her widescale organization were "Guam mayors."

Public records and trial testimonies only ever unveiled the participation of one Guam mayor - former Yona Mayor Jesse Blas - in the drug trade. No other mayor's name has ever been revealed.

"Mendoza's organization was so large that she had connections within the United States post office, the Government of Guam police department and judiciary, and with Guam mayors," the Defendant's Motion for Downward Variance and Judicial Recommendations document reads.

Kandit has asked Mayors Council of Guam executive director Angel Sablan who the other subject mayor or mayors may be. He has not responded as of the publication of this story.

Mayo accused officials of altering drug test results

The Mayo document also reveals another twist to the public revelations of police corruption aiding the illegal drug trade on Guam. Previous testimony and reports raised allegations that Mr. Blas, Mr. Terlaje and unnamed others had conspired with officials within the local court system to vacate bench warrants issued for the arrest of fugitives who had failed to check in and take drug tests. According to the Mayo document, corrupt officials also falsified drug test results.

"Mr. Mayo informed that there were certain Court Marshalls and Probation Officers that were corrupt and would lift warrants and alter drug tests in exchange for monetary payments," the April 30 filing states.

Mayo's attorneys plead with the court in this document to move his sentencing guidelines downward so that he'll spend less time in prison. They noted his November 19, 2019 voluntary interview with FBI special Agent Rafael Fernandez and Postal Inspector Richard Tracy. That was the interview (which was recorded and from which excerpts were played in open court), where Mr. Mayo "provided information regarding internal Government of Guam corruption."

But that's not all.

Document states Mayo provided Feds info on other drug dealers

"Mr. Mayo also provided the officers with information regarding Ms. Mendoza and her drug trafficking operations," the document from his attorneys state. "He provided information regarding those persons who worked for Ms. Mendoza selling the drugs that she obtained, and also general information on how she obtained her contraband. Mr. Mayo also provided the officers with information regarding other drug dealers on Guam who sold drugs."

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