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Mayor tells police major to follow the law; he refuses and calls police

By Jacob Nakamura

Guam Police Major Fred Chargualaf coned off a public easement near his home, blocking his neighbor's ability to leave, then called several police officers to back him up when Tamuning Mayor Louise Rivera told him to remove the cones.

Mr. Chargualaf's neighbor, Benjamin Leon Guerrero, called Ms. Rivera about the illegal blockade earlier today. The mayor engaged officials from the Department of Land Management and the Department of Public Works to verify that the area Mr. Chargualaf coned off was indeed a public easement. She and the officials visited the neighborhood to inform Mr. Chargualaf that he was violating the law, and he needed to move the cones and cars he was using to block the easement.

Mr. Chagualaf rushed up to and accosted Kandit's Johnnie Rosario, when she went to cover the story. Ms. Rosario was parked on the shoulder of the road in front of the easement.

"What the [expletive] are you doing here?" Mr. Chargualaf yelled at Ms. Rosario. "Who sent you here?"

At least four police officers arrived at the scene, when Mr. Chargualaf called them, and after he refused to follow the mayor's instructions. While at the scene, Mr. Leon Guerrero's wife is seen in the video speaking on the phone with Mayor Rivera, who apparently relayed instructions from Chief of Police Stephen Ignacio for Mr. Chargualaf to remove the blockade.

GPD spokesman Sgt. Paul Tapao has forwarded the matter to Special Assistant to the Chief of Police Lt. Steve Amaguin.

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