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Mayors combat illegal cockfights

By Nancy I. Maanao

Nestled in a once-quiet neighborhood across Marine Corps Drive from the Santa Lutdes Church in Yigo is a yard that, several times a month, was polluted with people yelling, the cacophony of cars, bright lights, and illegal gambling.

It's a cockpit - a place, where gamblers fight roosters.

Neighbors of the cockpit's owner, a woman named Ann, have complained several times to Yigo Mayor Tony Sanchez, according to at least two people who live there.

"I sent my vice mayor out there," Mr. Sanchez told Kandit. "He talked to that lady, that owner. and after that talk, they haven't done it in a while."

The residents in the area say otherwise. "They just had a derby," one man said.

"Ann," the supposed name of the cockpit owner, is in a romantic relationship with an unnamed Guam Police officer, according to two separate sources of information.

"I did call the Northern Precinct Command and asked to speak to their commander to report the cockpit, but he was not available," Mayors Council president Jesse Alig, mayor of Piti, told Kandit. "So I reported the crime to Crimestoppers. I've been meaning to go up there myself one of these days so I have more details."

Kandit has placed several calls to the Office of the Chief of Police to inquire whether Guam Police Department is conducting any investigation based on the mayor's criminal report. As usual, police chief Stephen Ignacio has not returned our call for comment.

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