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Moylan: Bordallo's office is useless; money can be better spent

By Nancy I. Maanao

Sen. Jim Moylan is asking Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero how much money her office has spent on funding the Guam Liaison Office, and exactly what its office holder did that would warrant further taxpayer monies being spent to fund that office.

Former Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo currently runs that office, which acts as the governor's ambassador to the federal executive branch.

'Rather inconsequential'

"From our understanding, every federal dollar associated with the COVID 19 relief efforts, which the island benefitted in 2020 (and is currently in discussion for 2021) were availed by the efforts of U.S. Congress and President Trump and now President Biden (presently in talks)," Mr. Moylan wrote in a letter to the governor earlier this week. "While we are aware that Guam’s Congressman, Michael San Nicolas, played a vital role in these discussions, the role of the Guam Liaison Office in Washington D.C. has seemed to be rather inconsequential throughout this pandemic."

Moylan has introduced a bill to defund the office. Bill No. 19-36 will remove the authorization for the governor to keep Ms. Bordallo employed in that position, and pay for her offices on Guam and in Washington, D.C., and any staff she may have.

It should be noted that, even if this bill were to become law, the legislature cannot dictate to the governor who she may hire in her office, and the duties those hires will have. For instance, even if Ms. Bordallo will no longer be the Guam Liaison Officer, Ms. Leon Guerrero may simply hire her as a special assistant for federal affairs.

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