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Moylan confirms Calvo-Republican senators force him out

Sen. Jim Moylan has confirmed his caucus removed him as minority leader in the Guam Legislature.

Kandit first broke the news this morning that a cadre of Calvo-affiliated Republican senators, led by Joanne Brown and Telo Taitague, led a coup to depose Moylan and install Sen. Chris Duenas as leader.

The new minority leader has not issued any statement.

Sen. Moylan’s statement is below:

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David L
David L
Mar 20, 2021

In my opinion, it doesn't matter one way or the other for the people of Guam. Moylan may have had his feelings hurt, but most of these senators are busy for the most part working on fluff Bill's to make themselves look good and put their own needs often first before the islands. When it comes to making important decisions such as related to cultural preservation or indigenous rights they all head for the hills. I met with Moylan once regarding medical negligence to change the law to protect the people of Guam and to make negligent doctors accountable. I never heard back from him again even though many follow up emails were sent by me and others on the matte…


Mar 19, 2021

Sen. Brown already prepping for Governorship candidate running as a Republican! where is her power base coming from?

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