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MSN bringing home powerful friends in Congress to visit and learn veterans issues here

Congressman Mike San Nicolas

By Troy Torres

(Tumon, Guam) Congressman Michael San Nicolas will be back home soon. And when he arrives, he’s bringing some influential guests with him, who have the power to make positive changes for our island’s veterans.

Mr. San Nicolas will be hosting a Congressional delegation, or a CoDel, sometime during the first week of October. Former Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo held several CoDels to Guam, however, most of them occurred during the winter season and were known as sunny vacation opportunities for many members of Congress to avoid the harsh climate in Washington, D.C. and their home states. Unlike the Bordallo CoDels, this Fall trip is issue-driven. Mr. San Nicolas is bringing the members of the powerful House Veterans Affairs Committee.

Congressman Mark Takao, chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee

Its chairman, Congressman Mark Takano, also is expected to be part of the delegation.

On a side note, part of the information coming out of the Congressman's office is the announcement of a planned town hall meeting for the public to engage with him and his colleagues. Mr. San Nicolas has previously held such opportunities for public outreach, access, and engagement, despite statements made otherwise by a former congressman.

Read the release from the Office of Congressman San Nicolas below for more information:

Congressional Delegation Coming to Guam
Congressman Michael San Nicolas is excited to announce the first Congressional Delegation to Guam during his term, hosting members of the Veterans Affairs Committee including Chairman Mark Takano, planned for a date to be determined for the first week in October.
"We have been working closely with the Chairman in the Congressional Asia Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC) of which we are both Members," Congressman San Nicolas opened. "We emphasize regularly the need to address the unique challenges to veteran services in our islands and Chairman Takano has been graciously receptive," Congressman San Nicolas continued.
The Veterans Affairs Committee has oversight over the Veterans Administration (VA) to include all services related to veterans of the United States Armed Services.
"This is the first time on record for the Veterans Affairs Committee of the Congress to be visiting Guam, and while our time is limited we will be maximizing it with visits to our veteran medical facilities and making the Delegation available for a Town Hall for our Veterans," Congressman San Nicolas added. "We are extremely excited and humbled to be able to bring this level of awareness directly to the Committee, the Chairman, and most importantly our Guam Veterans, who await solutions for our patriotic community," Congressman San Nicolas concluded.
The Guam Congressional Office is in the process of arranging venues and scheduling for the Delegation and will publicly announce the visit date and Townhall upon finalization.
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Juanita Machie
Juanita Machie
Sep 27, 2019

Awesome Congressman...Michael San Nicolas!

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