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MSN gets Leon Guerrero an exclusive invite before Congress

By Troy Torres

Congressman Michael San Nicolas got Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero a seat at the table before the powerful Financial Services Committee he vice chairs, despite the governor's history of sabotaging his efforts in Congress.

And it isn't just any seat at the table. Out of the nation's 54 governors, Ms. Leon Guerrero will be one of only four who received an invitation to this hearing, thanks to Mr. San Nicolas.

The following is a news release from the Office of Congressman Michael San Nicolas:

On September 10, 12pm EST (Sept 11, 2am CHST) Guam will have a coveted seat at the table with just three other States, New Mexico, Kansas, and Minnesota, with their respective Governors addressing the Financial Services Committee on:

"The need for financial aid to America's States and Territories during the pandemic: Supporting First Responders, assisting schools in their efforts to safely educate, and preventing mass layoffs."

As one of the key Committees involved in all COVID-19 relief packages with oversight over the U.S. Treasury, Federal Reserve, Housing, Banking, and Insurance, COVID-19 relief advocacy before the Financial Services Committee is highly sought after.

"We are very pleased Guam is being provided a powerful platform to not only speak of our COVID-19 circumstances, but to be a voice for communities like ours that are smaller, have higher minority densities, less access to robust healthcare, and devastated tourism economies," opened Congressman San Nicolas. "This first-ever opportunity for our Guam Governor will bring further national attention to our circumstances, and broaden the American mindset to the reality of COVID-19 in our Territories," Congressman San Nicolas continued. "I encourage all of the people of Guam and our local media to make time to view the hearing and take heart in knowing that our island is getting exclusive access to key decision makers during these times, with your congressional representation," Congressman San Nicolas concludes.

Congressman San Nicolas is the Vice-Chairman of the Financial Services Committee, with Guam sitting on this Committee for the first time in the history of it's Territorial Delegate representation to the United States Congress.

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Let us hope and pray that Gov isn’t caught asleep at her chair in Congress!🤡

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