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MSN & LLG duke it out on war claims

By Johnnie Rosario

(Adelup, Guam) Congressman Michael San Nicolas met Governor Lou Leon Guerrero at the Cabinet Conference Room in Adelup this evening. She told him her feelings on the local war claims bill, Bill No. 181. He gave her the facts of her meddling into federal affairs that is jeopardizing the passage of House Resolution No. 1365 that will pay war claims to all claimants.

Congressman Michael San Nicolas

"I feel that we are working toward the same goal with HR 1365 and Bill 181," the governor told Mr. San Nicolas after interrupting him while he was trying to explain how Congress works.

"Well governor, with all due respect, it doesn't matter what your feelings are on this. Unfortunately, Congress doesn't operate that way, and this is a very sensitive matter that we're working very hard to get passed through the Senate, so I ask you to allow me to do my work unimpeded," Mr. San Nicolas told her.

Guam Governor Lou Leon Guerrero

The 20-minute meeting centered around Ms. Leon Guerrero's insistence that the local effort, Bill No. 181, which will dedicate some $7 million to pay war claims to only 749 of more than 3,000 claimants, move forward. Mr. San Nicolas strongly objected, trying to tell the governor that this effort, while well intentioned, will give politicians in the Senate the ammunition they need to shoot down HR 1365. Ms. Leon Guerrero often interrupted Mr. San Nicolas, repeating the same line about how she felt Bill No. 181 was a good thing for Guam.

Kandit got an exclusive interview with Mr. San Nicolas right after the meeting, which is found in the video we posted above. Mr. San Nicolas expressed to us his dismay at the governor's meddling in the job he's doing, imploring the governor to allow him to do the work of the people.

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