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National Heritage Area study bill moves forward unanimously

The following is news from the Office of Congressman Michael San Nicolas:

In a markup hearing of the Committee on Natural Resources, H.R. 2899 passed with bi-partisan unanimous consent.

National Heritage Areas are sites recognized by the federal government as meaningful for historic preservation with significant history and heritage value to the United States. For such designation, a study of the proposed heritage area overseen by the National Park Service is done to properly validate and assess the sites significance.

"Our country has recognized National Heritage Areas for nearly forty years, and today we are excited to have unanimous bi-partisan support of the full Committee on Natural Resources to finally have a heritage study done for Guam," opened Congressman San Nicolas.

"This critical first step will identify all of our historically significant sites that we can have qualified as national heritage areas, bringing each of them up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual federal support in partnership with local administration," Congressman San Nicolas continued.

"As we recognize our WWII historic sites during these times and as we reflect and recognize the vast historic and ecological significance of our island over centuries, all of which could use federal resources to properly showcase their histories and for proper maintenance, it is only fitting that our Committee pass this as it has and we are most grateful to Chairman Grijalva and Ranking Member Westerman for their leadership and support," Congressman San Nicolas added.

"With unanimous support at the Committee level we look forward to working with House Leadership to see this through with a similar outcome, and ultimately enactment into law," Congressman San Nicolas concludes.

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