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NEWS: Another family violence case; man pees in bedroom after breaking in

By Johnnie Rosario

(Tumon, Guam) A prosecutor is bringing family violence and other charges against 33-year-old Kelly Michael Cepeda for punching his estranged wife's sister-in-law in the neck at a Mangilao home he was previously told to leave.

The victim was staying with Mr. Cepeda's estranged wife, when the violence occurred late Thursday night. According to the declaration of probable cause by prosecutor Benjamin Paholke, Mr. Cepeda waived his right to remain silent and admitted to police he struck the victim with an open hand.

About 30 hours later, police responded to the Mangilao home again, when Mr. Cepeda was seen opening one of the storm shutters and climbing through a window to get into the house. Witnesses, including his wife, told him he wasn't supposed to be there. He replied to them, "I need to see my wife," before urinating in the bedroom.

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