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NEWS: Boyfriend wanted out, so she cut him

By Eric Rosario

A 43-year-old Mangilao resident was arrested for allegedly cutting her boyfriend with a knife and breaking his television and washing machine after he told her he wanted to end their relationship.

Vanessa Marie Reyes and her three minor children were living with her boyfriend. He is not the father of the kids. The children witnessed the fight. At around 8 a.m. June 5, they began arguing after he told her he wanted out of the relationship and, according to prosecutor Courtney Leigh Shalice, she "threw a remote control at the victim's TV, causing the TV screen to break."

She then allegedly took a folding knife and cut the power cord to his washing machine before pulling the machine out and "causing the water line to break." She's strong.

Ms. Reyes then allegedly turned the knife on her boyfriend and they struggled over it. "[D]uring the struggle, the defendant cut the victim twice with the knife," according to Ms. Shalice's declaration of probable cause against Ms. Reyes. He "suffered two lacerations to his hand."

Ms. Shalice is bringing one count of family violence, one count of assault, and two counts of criminal mischief against Ms. Reyes, all as misdemeanors.

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Richard V Leon
Richard V Leon
Jun 08, 2020

This is Guam 'ego' story between 2 LOSERS! The fact that Reyes has 3 kids shows how indentured she is to Welfare System . And maybe the Boyfriend wanted to run for Senator without the baggage. Couldn't resist the humor!


David L
David L
Jun 07, 2020

If she was male and did that crap the female prosecutor would fry him. There is definitely bias against men who are abused or who are victims of domestic violence.

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