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NEWS: Congressman advises business to take advantage of SBA Paycheck Protection Program

By Johnnie Rosario

Small businesses: take advantage of opportunities the federal government is providing to you. That's a message from Congressman Michael San Nicolas, who is working to help Guam's workforce as much as possible.

"Our businesses need help staying open so people can stay employed, but with lock downs and quarantines interrupting local commerce in the interest of overriding public health concerns the challenge for businesses to stay open is daunting," Congressman San Nicolas opened. "The key to mitigating economic hardships across the board is for us to be as dynamic as possible in how we apply the federal solutions we made available to workers and businesses," Congressman San Nicolas added. "By taking advantage of these SBA programs we can reduce unemployment or help businesses stay open with help for their rent or operations as they grant employees COVID-19 sick leave, or operate under severely strained customer flows," Congressman San Nicolas concludes.

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