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NEWS: Cops raid wrong house

Warrant issued by Judge Elyze McDonald Iriarte

By Johnnie Rosario

(Tumon, Guam) An elderly couple's home was raided by police, who frightened their children and grandchildren at the home Friday. The address of the home for which they obtained a search warrant is not the address listed on the warrant.

Police broke down the door of Bennie & Doris Gogue's home on 165 Biradan Sasata, Dededo before 11 a.m. on Friday, January 10, 2020 and began searching their home and damaging their property.

According to the warrant, which was issued less than 30 minutes earlier by Judge Elyze McDonald Iriarte in Hagatna, police said they had probable cause that they would find the following stolen property:

  1. Makita Impact/Drill Drier set w/battery, charger, and case (light blue)

  2. Ryobi Gas Blower (Lime Green)

  3. Echo Battery Blower (Red/Orange)

  4. Muriyama Gas Bush Cutter (red)

  5. Ryobi Battery Hand Held Inflator (Lime Green)

  6. Ryobi Grass Trimmer (Lime Green)

  7. Ridgid Electric Skill Saw (Rust)

  8. Echo Gas Chain Saw (Red/Orange 14" Bar)

  9. Vehicle Garage Canopy (White Tarp-10' X 20') NEW

  10. 1 Case Rachet Socket Set SAE/mm (Black Case)

  11. Electric One-Handed Reciprocating Saw w/Case (Red/Orange)

  12. 1 Case Husky 12 or 15 Cup Case w/Wood Screws (Black w/Clear top)

  13. 1 Case Plastic Container w/Nuts and Bolts (Clear)

According to the Gogues, police did not find anything they told the judge they had probable cause they would find.

And maybe that's because the Gogues do not live at 155 Biradan Sasata, Dededo, which is the address listed in the warrant. They raided the wrong house, according to the couple's son.

The warrant, however, does match a Gogue family to the 155 Biradan Sasata address - Benjamin and Isabelle Gogue.

The Gogue family is living in fear, according to the couple's son, and are afraid police will bust down their door any day now. The government of Guam has not made any restitution to the family.

Ms. Iriarte is the same Superior Court judge who was signing criminal warrants for the now-defunct Mandana Drug Task Force during a time, when she was ethically barred from signing such warrants due to her uncle's position as the island's chief prosecutor at the time.

Her uncle, Joseph McDonald, now is the legal counsel for the seaport authority. He also was awarded a government claim of $100,000 by the very office in which he was second-in-command related to a biking accident.

Kandit has reached out to the Guam Police Department for response, however our inquiries regarding several other matters have yet to be answered.

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1 Comment

Alan San Nicolas
Alan San Nicolas
Jan 15, 2020

Ti i hues ha na gaigi i isao (yagin guaha mu isao) I åmu (boss, supervisor) åntes di u ma håtme i residenti(guma taotao) kao ma estudia finene'na ko denanche i infotmasion gi påpet man åresta (WOA) Finona i un saina "did you do your homework?

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