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NEWS: Feminine hygiene story inspires action at Governor's Office

By Troy Torres

(Tumon, Guam) Jayne Flores, the director of the governor's Bureau of Women's Affairs, sprung into action this morning to address the governor's lack of response to women and girls who cannot afford feminine hygiene products.

Kandit Thursday night published a story on the demand for feminine hygiene products by families who have been picking up food, baby, and personal hygiene supplies from our food drive. We reported information from Civil Defense administrator that Ms. Flores had not been seen even once at the agency during the Coronavirus response, and that no plans were in place to address this public health problem.

At around 9 a.m. today, Ms. Flores wrote to a mayor asking this mayor:

"Can you ask the mayors if they would be interested in me dropping off some menstrual cups to their offices for women who need financial assistance? The menstrual cup is reusable and good for five years. One costs $60 at KMart. Please ask the mayors and tell them to email me directly if they are interested in this item for their indigent female constituents."

It looks like, while the Governor's Office refuses to answer our questions for our readers, they do pay attention to the issues we raise.

Brave, Ms. Flores. Thank you for listening and springing into action for the women and girls of Guam.

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