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NEWS: GMH ER busy; officials unsure if 2 people tested positive for COVID-19 at GMH Wednesday

By Johnnie Rosario

It's a simple question: Did two people test positive at Guam Memorial Hospital?

Officials from the Joint Information Center and the Guam Memorial Hospital are unsure whether two people tested positive for COVID-19 at GMH Wednesday. GMH only is able to say that its emergency room is busy today.

According to the JIC nightly news release, there were no positive test results out of GMH last night. However, according to multiple GMH sources, that's simply not true: two people did test positive.

Kandit sent questions this morning about the matter to Jenna Blas, Civil Defense spokeswoman, and to Theo Pangelinan, assistant to GMH administrator Lillian Perez Posadas. Both officials read the questions, but Ms. Blas still has not responded, and Mr. Pangelinan responded following a phone interview. Mr. Pangelinan answered Kandit's phone call to Ms. Posadas's phone this afternoon.

He told Kandit, "Let me work with Infection Control to get you that information."

KANDIT: Are you aware of the two positive cases?

PANGELINAN: I was just made recently aware that our ER started picking back up. That's what I know. It's busy in the ER right now.

KANDIT: So, no one at the hospital told you about two new cases tested at GMH?

PANGELINAN: No me personal... not me directly.

After the phone interview, Mr. Pangelinan messaged that Ms. Posadas would be responding to the inquiry shortly.

Civil Defense administrator Charles Esteves said Ms. Blas and Mr. Pangelinan were following up on the matter. "If it is true it will probably come out in a later release," he told Kandit.

He said some of the information reported by the JIC can be a day behind.

Nic Rupley, with whom we spoke prior to Mr. Esteves coming on the line, would not confirm whether the JIC is unaware of the two positive cases.

One of the GMH sources added that the emergency room is busy, as Mr. Pangelinan confirmed, and it has to do with the two new positive cases and the transfer of three patients from Guam Regional Medical City.

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Monica Ann DeVera
Monica Ann DeVera

I meant "So unprofessional "


Monica Ann DeVera
Monica Ann DeVera

All this "hush hush" seriously needs to stop! These people are handling this pandemic the wrong way by doing do. Someone needs to get these people out of their if they continue to act this way because our lives are at risk. Shame on you Governor if you're responsible for the behavior of your staff. Do unprofessional!

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