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NEWS: Government stopping the shipments of PPEs, medical supplies, etc.

By Eric Rosario

(Tumon, Guam) Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero is penalizing people and companies, who bring in supplies to protect themselves and others from the Coronavirus.

Green Energy Solutions, Inc. (GESI), had to cancel an order for personal protective equipment (PPEs such as face masks and gloves) because Ms. Leon Guerrero's regime issued the company a Notice of Violation for attempting to bring the PPEs in.

"The Department of Revenue and Taxation in conjunction with the Department of Guam Customs and Quarantine have issued a Notice of Violation with a Cease and Desist Order to Green Energy Solutions, Inc. stating that our current retail business license is insufficient to sell these products," stated Lynn Scott, GESI chief operations officer, in a letter to its employees and customers.

Another company's order of medical supplies and PPEs that arrived on Guam yesterday was confiscated by the government following the implementation of a new rule by the Leon Guerrero regime to confiscate these items at the border, according to a senator. People and merchants bringing these items in without declaring them on a new customs form will be subject to fines and jail time.

In GESI's case, the company is threatened with the revocation of its business license and fines.

"I purchased those masks for my family," said Yigo resident and customer Margaret Atoigue. "This is alarming."

Sources in the business community have told Kandit they also purchased PPEs and test kits for Guam Memorial Hospital and are waiting for those shipments. Their orders now are in jeopardy.

“Of all the incompetent things this administration has done, this by far is the worst,” said an un-named philanthropist.

While several companies and people are not allowed to bring these supplies into Guam, other companies and people are allowed.

"My guess is that the governor is controlling commerce, not for any public health benefit, but to allow her associates to sell these medical supplies without competition," a respected member of the business community said to Kandit News on condition of anonymity. "I have government contracts at stake here, so I don't want to rattle the tree and have them take this away from me, too."

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