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NEWS: Governor duplicates act of Congress; no word on relief from car repossessions

By Eric Rosario

(Tumon, Guam) In a news conference today, Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero says she will be signing an executive order that will place a moratorium on evictions from rental properties until the end of the public health emergency.

An act of Congress, however, will prohibit evictions for 120 days - which provides greater relief for renters on Guam and throughout the nation. The measure, which is part of the bipartisan economic rescue bill touted by Congressman Michael San Nicolas, is joined by relief on federally-backed mortgages for six months, cash assistance to adults and children, and paychecks for the unemployed. It has been passed by the Senate, anticipated to pass the House later today, and President Trump has said he will sign it into law immediately.

What Ms. Leon Guerrero did not discuss is whether she will forbid banks from repossessing vehicles, a growing concern in the community with the sharp rise in the number of people out of work during the crisis. Relief from car loan default is not part of the federal relief package, but is something the local government can provide.

Sen. Telo Taitague, in an interview with Kandit Thursday night said she will be calling Speaker Tina Muna Barnes regarding the issue.

"People are worried out there, and whatever we can do to ease that burden and anxiety, we should do it," Ms. Taitague said. "Yes, I'm going to bring this up with the speaker."
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"The measure, which is part of the bipartisan economic rescue bill touted by Congressman Michael San Nicolas"

At least Guam seems to have a more humble Washington Representative in Michael San Nicolas. The CNMI on the other hand, has "Kilili the Claimer" who seems to claim that he solely is responsible for every dollar that flows into the CNMI (even when he is sleeping). "Kilili the Claimer" uses creative language in his press releases so much that you have to hire a papalatong translator just to figure out what it say's. "Kilili the Claimer", what will you claim next? Warning to all other territories, don't let Kilili know what you are working on, he will claim it as his own…

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