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NEWS: GovGuam credit card buys KitchenAid mixer

By Johnnie Rosario

(Tumon, Guam) A government credit card issued to Dr. Rachael Leon Guerrero was used to purchase a top-of-the-line electric mixer on Amazon.

The $324.45 Artisan Tilt KitchenAid was purchased online on September 11, 2017, and appears on UOG's September 29, 2017 Bank of Guam credit card statement issued to Ms. Leon Guerrero.

Unlike Guam Community College, UOG does not have a culinary program.

Purchases of FitBits on the card issued to Ms. Leon Guerrero have been the subject of Kandit's investigation into UOG's credit card scandal. The devices were purchased at Macy's department store at the Micronesia Mall in February 2018.

Macy's also sells KitchenAid mixers, as do several online sites.

Amazon is known to offer better deals, and is used by the university to purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars in merchandise through its government-issued credit cards. Kandit asked UOG spokesman Jonas Macapinlac why UOG didn't purchase the FitBits online for better value. He replied in writing that the brand's site did not ship to Guam at the time of the purchases, but never addressed why Ms. Leon Guerrero or her program did not explore cheaper vendors.

UOG also has yet to disclose the pertinent procurement documents that will show the agency followed the government's procurement laws and internal controls.

Kandit has asked UOG why the agency, not having a culinary program, would purchase a top-of-the-line consumer electric mixer. We await their response, if any will be provided.

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