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NEWS: Grandma denies threatening to shoot Chuukese students bullying her grandchildren

Faye Marie Kang

By Johnnie Rosario

(Tumon, Guam) Faye Marie Kang, a 66-year-old grandmother of a boy and a girl attending Astumbo Elementary School, reportedly called a woman yesterday and threatened to shoot Chuukese kids who had bullied her grandson. Ms. Kang denied threatening anyone. This is according to a declaration of probable cause filed in Superior Court against her by prosecutor Rolland Wimberley.

"If anything happens to my grandson, I will go to the school and shoot each and every one of them who hurts my grandson," Ms. Kang allegedly said to school employee Tia Salas, who gave police this statement. Ms. Salas informed her superiors and the police were called.

Ms. Kang was frustrated about the Department of Education's handling of her complaint that her grandson was being bullied and worried for his safety at the school.

"The Defendant stated that she was dissatisfied with GDOE's handling of her granddaughter and grandson being bullied at their schools. The Defendant stated that during her venting, she did not threaten anyone. However, she did admit that in the heat of the moment, she speaks fast and sometimes says things she does not mean. She did recall saying "shooting" but did not remember how she said it." - declaration by Mr. Wimberley

Mr. Wimberley today in court filings stated there is probable cause to charge Ms. Kang with terroristic conduct as a third degree felony, with a special allegation of crime against the community.

Kandit has reached out to DOE superintendent Jon Fernandez regarding the incident and the underlying bullying allegations by Ms. Kang. He is in a public hearing at this time and has told us he will issue a statement as soon as it is done.

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This is going to sound racist but it's not, it's factual. Ever since the U.S. government signed the Compact of Free Association allowing FSM citizens to travel & work in the U.S. this situation has caused issues on Guam (and Hawaii as well). Impact funds aren't worth it in my opinion. Something needs to be done about the entire issue. If the U.S. wants to continue with this, fine - let them continue to go to the mainland, but please eliminate the clause that allows them to go to the territories or even Hawaii. It's just insanity. The Governor of Hawaii along with the Delegate Representatives from the affected territories should DEMAND that something is done about the issue, i…

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