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NEWS: Guam GOP to help MSN get that $$$ for Guam; help with suspending your bills

By Troy Torres

(Tumon, Guam) This morning Congressman Michael San Nicolas asked the Republican Party of Guam for help to convince Republicans in Congress and the President to make sure the territories are included in financial relief packages for the country. Among the proposals is a $2,000 per adult and $1,000 per child stipend every month to all American residents that will be proposed by the House Financial Services Committee, where Mr. San Nicolas serves as vice chairman.

Hours later today, Republican Party of Guam chairman Tony Ada sent a letter to Mr. San Nicolas in Washington telling him the Guam GOP is glad to help.

"Just as we prioritized with H.R. 1365 and reaching out to GOP members of Congress to seek their support, we would certainly accept your request in providing the assistance to ensure that our island is included in any COVID-19 relief efforts, specifically with thee discussions associated with per-citizen payments," Mr. Ada wrote to Mr. San Nicolas today.

The committee package, Mr. San Nicolas explained in a video message to the people of Guam, will include provisions to suspend every resident's power, water, mortgage, car, rent, credit card, and personal loan payments. The measure, if passed into law, will ban evictions, foreclosures, repossessions, and negative credit reporting. The measure also will provide security and relief to the financial sector in order for banks, creditors, and landlords to absorb these costs.

"We are certainly encountering some tumultuous times, but with optimism and working in the spirit of collaboration, we will surely overcome this period of uncertainties," Mr. Ada wrote to Mr. San Nicolas. "The economic recovery will certainly be timely, thus any efforts from the federal government would be most welcome and will take us steps forward. The leadership of the Republican Party of Guam will certainly meet at the earliest to plan our strategiese so that we can assist you in your efforts."

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