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NEWS: Guam public schools canceled for the rest of the school year

The following is from a letter by Jon Fernandez, superintendent of education:

Earlier today, Governor Lourdes Leon Guerrero issued Executive Order 2020-09, extending the closure of government facilities and schools until May 2020. The Executive Order aims address the present public health emergency caused by the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which has resulted positive cases date and deaths. Based on the latest projections by the COVID-19 task force, the current pandemic not anticipated peak for several weeks, necessitating the continued adherence limitations on large social gatherings and to social distancing policies over this period of time. This means that any proposal to return 30,000 children and 4,000 employees normal operations our school facilities would run counter the advice of our medical professionals and would be for greater concern regarding the health and safety of our community, especially our students, employees and their families. Board Policy 515 authorizes the Superintendent close school facilities the event an emergency that threatens the health and safety of students and staff members. Based on Board Policy 515 and the facts outlined above, am notifying the Guam Education Board of my decision, effective immediately, to close school facilities and suspend daily classes for the remainder of School Year 20 19-2020, which ends officially on May 28, 2020. am, however. authorizing the continuation of our Grab and Go School Meals Program as well our distance learning support for our students and families. Employees will be informed regarding their duties and responsibilities during this period. I ask for the Boards concurrence with this decision well its support suspend certain board policies that will be before the Board at its special meeting on Wednesday, April 2020, to ensure that the issues related the grading, promotion and graduation of students are appropriately addressed.
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