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NEWS: Half of crimes reports today tied to family violence

By Johnnie Rosario

(Hagatna, Guam) Three of the six magistrates reports released by the Superior Court of Guam today relate to family violence charges prosecutors are bringing against three men.

Akuchi Wolbert, 45, a man twice-before convicted of misdemeanor family violence charges, is facing felony family violence charges after he allegedly beat his aunt, who was living in his home.

On June 15, the victim's daughter visited the home, and saw her mother's black eye and bruising to the left side of her body. According to prosecutor Courtney Leigh Shalice, the women left the home to speak privately in the daughter's car. She asked her mother what happened, but her mother was not able to respond verbally. She then asked her mother whether Mr. Wolbert hurt her, and she nodded 'yes.'

Her mother then communicated to her that her head was in great pain. She felt the backside of her mother's head, which had a swollen bump.

The women reported the crime to the police.

"During the interview, GPD officers observed bruising to the Victim’s face, left arm, right arm, and left leg," Ms. Shalice's declaration of probable cause states. "The Victim was then taken to the hospital for treatment for her injuries."

Ms. Shalice is charging Mr. Wolbert with family violence as a third degree felony.

"The Defendant has two prior Family Violence convictions. In CM0838-12, the Defendant was convicted of Family Violence (as a Misdemeanor) on April 29, 2014. In CF040$-13, the Defendant was convicted of Family Violence (as a Misdemeanor) and Violation of a Court Order (as a Misdemeanor)," Ms. Shalice stated. "The victims in the above-described cases are not the same victim in the instant matter."

Man accused of beating and choking his wife, says she started it

Ronald Hipos, 39, is accused of beating and choking his wife, though he told police it was his wife who began choking him. Their minor son called police to stop the fight, and he told police that his father has hit his mother in the past.

The woman "had obvious red color bruising on the forehead and looked frightened and appeared to have been crying," prosecutor Steven Haderlie's declaration of probable cause reads. "She stated that her husband, RONALD OLIVAR HIPOS (“Defendant”), started choking her neck with his right hand during an argument. She could hardly breathe, so she also choked him with both hands. He pulled her head forward and her head collided with what she believes was his forehead."

Mr. Hipos was crying, according to police, and noticed his black shirt was torn.

"He also had dried, red liquid on the back of his right ear," the magistrates report continues. "Defendant stated that Victim tore his shirt and that he grabbed her hair to push her away. He claims she first began to choke him and that he grabbed her neck with both hands to push her away. He said she also grabbed his ear very painfully and that he pushed her forehead away to stop the pain."

She's leaving him, so he throws gasoline on her and peanut butter jar at her

Donavan Jeremy Tenorio, 26, allegedly threw a fit when his girlfriend told him she is leaving on a jet plane and not taking him with her. According to prosecutor Sean Brown, she told him "she was moving to Hawaii and leaving him behind which led to an argument."

The victim told police Mr. Tenorio has been verbally abusive to her in the past. During the argument, according to Mr. Brown's declaration of probable cause against Mr. Tenorio, Mr. Tenorio threw a jar of peanut butter at his girlfriend, then poured gasoline on her luggage.

He then splashed her breasts with gasoline, according to Mr. Brown.

She "told police that when Defendant reached into his pocket she blacked out due to overwhelming fear as Defendant often had a lighter in his pocket," Mr. Brown stated. "Police confiscated the shirt [she] was wearing which also smelled of gasoline."

Mr. Tenorio denied throwing anything at his girlfriend, or pouring gasoline on her.

He is being charged with terrorizing as a third degree felony, aggravated assault as a third degree felony, and family violence as a misdemeanor.

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1 Comment

If there is one scourge world-wide, but especially evident in the Marianas, it is ignorance. To put it succinctly, too many people are stupid. In addition to the lack of brains, a close second is arrogance. When ignorance is combined with arrogance, the fuse has been lit for disaster.

And, of all the forms of violence, domestic violence is the worst because it involves a family member. It's a horror, often fueled by alcohol or other drugs.

Perhaps the most alarming fact regarding ignorance, arrogance, drinking and violence is there is nothing which can be done. Calling the cops is an effective short-term solution, but if the perpetrator is an alcoholic, the incident will happen again.

How does one motivate…

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