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NEWS: Joseph Flores took $20K in allowances

By Johnnie Rosario

(Tumon, Guam) If anything will show that Congressman Joseph Flores is part of the Republican Party he has aligned with, it is documents revealing Mr. Flores took $19,739.46 in allowances in 2019. He also is one of the members of the Commonwealth Legislature who refused to disclose the receipts of his expenditures of those allowances.

Mr. Flores ran as an independent, but switched allegiances the day after the 2018 general election to the Republican Party. He represents Precinct 1.

Most Republican legislators have refused to disclose their receipts. All of the Republican members's we have covered so far have taken the allowances in 2019, most of them having taken tens of thousands in total.

Mr. Flores began taking the allowance in a January 31, 2019 request for $1,000 for January. He asked for the same amount for February on Valentine's Day. The congressman made two requests for $1,000 each for March, then received another $2,000 for his April allowance.

His May allowance went down to $500, but then jumped to a total of $2,179.46 for June allowances through three separate requests.

Mr. Flores made another three requests for July, totaling $1,195, skipped August, then requested $1,485 for September.

On October 2, he asked for $2,000; then on October 15, he asked for $280. Two days later, he asked for $1,300, bringing his October total to $3,580.

November 2019 was his highest month: $4,000 from a November 14 request for $2,500 and a November 26 request for $1,500.

Finally, on December 19, he requested $800.

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Feb 20, 2020

Please produce all the receipts to such expenditures and give the public the opportunity to examine such documents to determine whether those expenditures truly represented a public purpose and benefitted the public.

We look forward to your cooperation with We the People, the rightful owners of the People’s Government.

The consent of the governed does NOT give absolute power to the governing...

Gobietnun i taotao, ginen i taotao, para i taotao

Government of the People, by the People, for the People


Feb 20, 2020

Taya adeluntunah esti na arrogant and matapang Representative para i constituents and community in Precinct 1; however, there’s a $20k progress in his wallet. And, if he looks at you he gives you that look as if you owed him a million dollars and you still have two cents more to pay off your debt with him.

In addition, this is the elected official who recently introduced a proposed legislation to increase the driver’s license fee and will tax the people to pay in part for streetlights upon obtaining or renewal of a driver’s license while he continues to milk the monthly allowances and galavanting with public funds to his pleasure as if the monies are his rightful family inheritance.

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