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NEWS: Kilili fights for NMI veterans in hearing with Secretary Wilkie

By Nancy I. Maanao

(Tumon, Guam) U.S. Congressman Gregorio Kilili Sablan told Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert Wilkie, Jr. to treat the veterans of the Northern Mariana Islands with the dignity they deserve. Mr. Sablan's comments to Mr. Wilkie were made in a hearing of the House Veterans Affairs Committee on February 28, in Washington, D.C.

Watch the video and read the transcript of his speech below:

"I'm so envious, you know, the gentleman here is complaining that he doesn't have a hospital, that he's got several CBOCs (Community-based Outpatient Clinics). I don't have a CBOC. I don't have a vet center. You guys were talking about programs, caregivers and HUD VASH. Those are not available in my district because VA will not put staff in my district!
"I've got nothing except for a fee-based doctor who's available twice a week to see almost 400 veterans, or almost 500. We have to figure something out better than what we're giving these veterans. Sir, when they put on a uniform, they are just as much American as you are. And yet when they get wounded and they go to the islands, they're only half Americans. It's enough that they don't vote for their Commander-in-Chief, sir! Give them some decency."
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@Calichamorro: If you're going to quote me, at least get the facts straight. I never, ever, said that baking soda would kill cancer. I said it would help to prevent cancer. This is a fact.

An Italian doctor, Simoncini, claims to have cured cancer by using sodium carbonate, but I never saw his research. As for me, I take baking soda every day and am cancer-free.

Me gusta

I may interject something in this, reported "fight" for us disabled Vets, I would like to know the actual numbers of service related medical eligibility of the Veterans residing in the NMI. Is it the 4-500 mentioned or is this the total overall Veterans? Of these how many are "eligible" for the mentioned services that would warrant the VA to set up a full time staffed facility? How many would it take to justify the operation? Is this "attempts" by Kilili real or just talk.

In comparison, due to the low number of actual eligible Vets living in the NMI, it would/has been very difficult to justify any full time facility and staff for such an operation. Couple this with…

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@CaliChamorro sorry to burst your bubble but most of our politicians don't have 4-year degrees either. The next generation will. For now, Kilili is the best. He knows our island, he knows our people, he worked his way up, his kids are educated, he actually cares.

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Biba Kilili? Uneducated career politican that makes $174,000 a year to bring in more filipinos to the CNMI or save shark fins? No thank you.

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Russ Mason is the same guy who says baking soda cures cancer. Sure, I will listen to that. smh.

Me gusta
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