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NEWS: Man and woman menace Yona society

By Jacob Nakamura

(Tumon, Guam) Police arrested Mysty Pangelinan, 28, for robbing a man in Yona. Another man also was involved in the crime; police are looking for him now.

The victim was driving along a road in Yona, when Ms. Pangelinan appeared and stood in front of his car. Another man then began yelling through the victim's car window and striking his car before the victim got out and a fight between the two men ensued.

Ms. Pangelinan went into the car while the men were fighting and took the victim's bag and other personal effects. The fight then broke up and the victim got back into his car and pursued the two assailants, whom he saw getting into a dark-colored Honda Accord. He called police, and they found the car parked at a Yona home, and Ms. Pangelinan there as well.

Ms. Pangelinan was arrested for second-degree robbery, guilt established by complicity, and criminal facilitation. She was booked and confined. Her case has been forwarded for prosecution.

Just so you know, she did all that and went to jail for $30. That's how much cash was in the victim's wallet.

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