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NEWS: Medical supplies, equipment, PPEs, and medicines being confiscated at ports of entry

By Jacob Nakamura

In any other circumstance outside this Coronavirus emergency, travelers and shippers got in trouble if they brought in drugs, large sums of money, or agricultural products without declaring these products upon entry to the airport and seaport.

Guam customs officers have added a new declaration form. During this public health emergency, if you bring in COVID-19 tests, personal protective equipment (PPE), medical devices and supplies, anti-toxins, serums, vaccines, immunizing agents, antibiotics, other pharmaceutical agents, or ventilators, these products are "subject to the control, restriction, and regulatory powers of DPHSS and may be confiscated."

You will be committing a crime if you do bring in any of these products and do not declare as such to Guam customs officers.

What crime is this? Violating an executive order of the governor, which invoked her extraordinary powers under the Emergency Health Powers Act.

A senator who spoke to Kandit on condition of anonymity said a local merchant who brought in thousands of PPEs to donate to Guam's frontline emergency workers had his shipment confiscated by the government. The government has not distributed the PPEs, nor has it informed the merchant when or where these PPEs will be distributed, if at all.

Sen. Jim Moylan today attempted to add a provision into Sen. Therese Terlaje's Bill No. 333-35 that would have required the governor to report the confiscations of private property, among other disclosures his amendment would have required.

Mr. Moylan pulled his amendment following concerns that the governor would veto the entire bill, which she had signaled because of her apprehension to disclose how her administration is handling money and resources.

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