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NEWS: More family violence cases

By Eric Rosario

(Tumon, Guam) The magistrates reports from the Superior Court of Guam used to be dominated by drug and theft cases. While the number of reports have gone down since the COVID-19 crisis began, the majority of the cases coming out now are family violence reports.

Yesterday Kandit brought you the story of Ricardo Sanchez Fernandez, who is being charged with beating his bedridden wife in their Agat home. The argument allegedly was over food.

Two magistrates reports were filed today in court, both with prosecutors pressing family violence charges.

David Pocaigue, Jr. - Inarajan

Prosecutor Richelle Canto is bringing two counts of misdemeanor family violence charges against David Pocaigue, Jr. for allegedly beating his pregnant girlfriend and threatening her with a knife in Inarajan late Tuesday night.

Mr. Pocaigue accused her of cheating on him with their roommate, who was a witness to the altercation.

According to the report, Mr. Pocaigue allegedly punched the victim in her face. "However, officers were unable to observe visible injuries on" the victim, according to Ms. Canto's declaration of probable cause.

The victim said Mr. Pocaigue told her he was tired of "having his heart broken and threatened to murder her with a knife while standing in front of her and holding the knife up." The victim began to cry, afraid he would stab her.

The witness told police officers that he witnessed Mr. Pocaigue "getting mad at [the victim] every day for cheating on him. Officers also interviewed the witness's two minor daughters, who both reported they witnessed Mr. Pocaigue slap his girlfriend, punch her stomach, and threaten to kill her several times. "The minors indicated they were afraid because they heard Pocaigue threaten to kill their family as well," according to Ms. Canto.

Frank William Ojeda - Dededo

Earlier Tuesday in Dededo, police officers arrested 22-year-old Frank William Ojeda, against whom prosecutor Renaida San Nicolas is bringing one misdemeanor family violence charge, and one charge of violation of a court order.

Mr. Ojeda's girlfriend is accusing him of assaulting her following an argument about him helping out with chores around the house. According to the report, the victim walked out of their home following their verbal argument to cool down, when Mr. Ojeda followed her out to the street.

"Defendant grabbed the victim around the front part of the neck. Victim became fearful that defendant would hurt her and stated that defendant was violent with her in the past. Victim was able to get away, but defendant continued to follow her. Fearful that the violence would continue, victim yelled for help." - magistrates report

According to Ms. San Nicolas, a witness heard the victim's cry for help, and came to her aid. Mr. Ojeda swung at the witness, but missed. He tripped over a metal traffic barrier while charging at the witness, and that's when the witness was able to subdue Mr. Ojeda until police arrived.

Mr. Ojeda currently is on probation for a criminal case in 2018. On November 28, 2018, Judge Jonathan Quan ordered Mr. Ojeda not to harass, annoy, or threaten other family or household members.

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