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NEWS: Most administration officials & senators fail to submit financial disclosures

By Nancy I. Maanao

At a time of heightened public scrutiny of Leon Guerrero administration officials on the take and involved in growing corruption scandals, the vast majority of her cabinet have failed to submit their financial disclosures by the April 22, 2020 deadline.

Among them is Lt. Gov. Josh Tenorio, who submitted an extension request to file instead.

Eleven of Guam's 15 senators also did not file their financial disclosures by the legal deadline.

Six judges and justices also did not file by the deadline.

The Guam Election Commission sent several reminders to public officials, who are required by law to disclose their personal finances. The financial disclosure law was created to help the public guard against elected and public officials using their offices to enrich themselves.

The information we provide below includes the public officials, who did not file financial disclosures on time. We included only the offices of governor, lieutenant governor, senators, judges and justices, the Guam Education Board, the Consolidated Commission on Utilities, and cabinet officials. Note that some of them filed extension requests.

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