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NEWS: New COVID19 readiness system kept under wraps

By Jacob Nakamura

(Tumon, Guam) Among secret files given to Kandit today is information confirming that Adelup is working on a new emergency readiness warning system specifically for Coronavirus response.

The system has been in the works, at least as early as the date of the document file - March 4, 2020 - but has been kept from the public. The documents reveal a tiered emergency response system composed of five readiness conditions (this information may not represent the final product, when or if this information is made public by Guam Homeland Security):

Condition 5: 'All clear'

Condition 4: 'Threat Detected'

Condition 3: 'First Few'

Condition 2: 'Established Transmission'

Condition 1: 'Widespread Transmission'

The Office of Civil Defense watch desk did not provide which condition of readiness the island is in now, when Kandit called to ascertain the readiness level. Instead, the officer on duty said he will have officials from the Joint Information Center provide an answer for us. No return call has been made as of the publication of this story.

The draft warning system is part of documents Kandit obtained from Adelup sources that was part of a March 5, 2020 closed-door conference of public health and government officials, including the governor and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The public and the media were not allowed to cover the event.

Among the attendees were Speaker Tina Muna Barnes and her policy chief, Chirag Bhojwani, who told Kandit this afternoon that while he and the Speaker left before the presentations happened, they are aware of the draft warning system that is being developed.

Mr. Bhojwani said that for more information on the system, we would have to ask the administration. The JIC has not yet returned our phone calls on the matter.

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