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NEWS: Perez arrested for attempted murder, drugs and guns possession following viral videos

The following is a news release from the Guam Police Department:

On Monday June 1 at around 12:19pm, officers from the Southern Precinct Command responded to a home by the Talofofo Mayor’s Office relative to a disturbance call.

Preliminary police report suggests that an argument ensued between 36-year-old, Joseph Gines Perez and his girlfriend while at a home in Talofofo. During the course of the argument, the victim was attempting to leave along with her 15-year-old daughter in her vehicle, when Joseph Perez followed after her with his vehicle.

As the victim attempted to leave, Joseph Perez began ramming the victim’s car with his truck, striking the front portion multiple times which caused damages to the victim’s car. Medical care was afforded to the victim and her daughter however, both refused any medical treatment at the time of the investigation.

Based on information obtained by responding officers, information was received as to the possible whereabouts of Joseph Perez. A check was made at a home in Santa Rita in which officers were able to locate Joseph Perez.

During the course of the investigation, officers discovered guns and drugs within Joseph Perez’s truck, in which all items were confiscated by police. Joseph Perez was then transported to the Southern Precinct Command for an interview where it was learned that the guns were stolen as a result of a burglary to a home in December and reported to police.

Joseph Gines Perez was later placed under arrest for the following offenses: -Attempted Murder -Aggravated Assault -Family Violence -Child Abuse -Reckless Conduct -Burglary -Possession of a Firearm without Valid Firearms Identification -Reckless Driving -No Driver’s License -Possession of Controlled Substance Schedule II

He was later booked and confined at the Department of Corrections. This case has been forwarded to the Office of the Attorney General for prosecution.

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2 comentarios

Sharon Molina
Sharon Molina
04 jun 2020

Those charges should keep him locked up for a long time! Unless he tests positive for CoVid19 and they se him free...... Glad hes off the streets for now

Me gusta

WOW, nice truck, that guy had an arsenal he was carrying around. I did not say if that guy has a job. With no drivers license and by his actions and the number of guns, It could be assumed that he deals in drugs. I would bet that most of those guns he took in trade for drugs.

It does not say also if this guys has any priors, THAT could also be assumed positive.

At least it is good to get those guns off the street.

Me gusta
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