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NEWS: Power restoration in 4 to 6 hours; report downed lines

As a reminder: See downed overhead lines? Stay away and call GPA Trouble Dispatch Desk at (671) 475-1472/3 or Heavy winds and rains can damage power lines, hardware or equipment, exposing people to deadly danger.  If You See Downed Power Lines:

  1. ​​Do not go near downed lines or fallen wires.

  2. Stay away from anything touching downed lines (tree limbs, vehicles, puddles, etc.).

  3. If someone has already made contact with a power line, do not try to rescue them. You can’t help if you become a victim. Call 911.

  4. Report downed power lines to GPA Trouble Dispatch Desk at (671) 475-1472/3 or 4.

Guam Power Authority earlier reported emergency power outages between Piti and Pago Bay related to fallen trees and damaged power lines.

The estimated time for repairs:  4-6 hours/ approximately 38 customers will remain without power for this duration.
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