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NEWS: Republicans celebrate defeat of dictator bills

Telo Taitague, Republican Leader, Guam Legislature

The following is a news release from the Republican Senatorial Caucus:

Four out of five Republican Senators issue the following statement after Bill 334 was sent back to committee and Bill 335 was voted down:  

Minority Leader Senator Telo Taitague, Assistant Minority Leader Senator Louise Borja Muña, Minority Whip Senator James Moylan and Senator Wil Castro, Delegate hopeful for U.S. Congress, all expressed opposition and strong reservation to Bills 334 and 335 during session.

In short, Bill 334 proposes stiff penalties for anyone violating any COVID-19 Executive Order issued by the Governor of Guam.

Bill 335 proposes to grant Governor Leon Guerrero extensive authority to A) impose a curfew upon all Guam residents at any time as she sees fit; and B) to require Guam families to shelter in place. 

If passed, both A and B may be implemented island-wide without justification and without the need for ratification by the Guam Legislature. 

Simply: It’s overkill! 

Both bills are dangerous to Guam families and to democracy! Our people know it, U.S. courts affirmed it and the Guam Republican Caucus rejects it.

"It is clear that the people's concerns matter more than party loyalty and we are grateful for our colleagues for coming across the aisle and voting to stop Bill 335 and to send Bill 334 back to committee," says Minority Leader Senator Telo Taitague. 

"U.S. courts consistently ruled that overly restrictive edicts upon our civil liberties are unconstitutional," says Assistant Minority Leader Senator Louise Borja Muña.

"There are alternatives to road closures and ordering families to do anything against their will. To change behavior, convince the people, don't coerce them," says Sen. Wil Castro, Delegate hopeful to the U.S. Congress. 

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