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NEWS: Senate hold on 1365 nearing resolution

News from the Congressman's office

The following is a news release from the office of Congressman Michael San Nicolas:

(Washington, D.C.) Weeks after the passage of local Bill 181 and the subsequent new hold in the Senate, HR 1365 looks to be back on track soon.

"We have been working closely with Senate channels to address the concern without aggravating the situation, and we are confident we have kept the focus on the need for a federal resolution notwithstanding any local activities," opened Congressman San Nicolas.

The Senate at this time is deliberating whether or not to include legislative business during impeachment proceedings, which will affect the timeline as to when HR 1365 and other legislative matters will be brought for consideration.

"We are anticipating that the Senate will focus on legislative business during the morning hour of their session and impeachment business during the afternoon hour, ideally," said Congressman San Nicolas. "If this materializes, we could see HR 1365 clear the Senate within a few weeks," Congressman San Nicolas added.

"Additionally my office has been asked whether or not eligible claimants should take up the local offer for payment, and due to the fact that I have not seen any terms or conditions or guarantees, I am unable to make a recommendation for or against, as it is difficult to tell at this time if a new local process will end up taking longer or not," said Congressman San Nicolas. "All I can say with confidence is that we are moving HR 1365 as expeditiously as we can, and I continue to stake my word to the people of Guam that this course is our best course." Congressman San Nicolas concludes.

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