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NEWS: Speaker responds, blames Mike San Nicolas

By Johnnie Rosario

(Tumon, Guam) Denial apparently is a river that runs through the Guam Legislature. Kandit News asked Speaker Tina Muna Barnes what she has to say for herself in the wake of devastating news that her local war claims law had flagged an objection from a United States senator.

Rather than take responsibility for her actions and committing to fixing her mistake by moving immediately to reverse her law, the speaker dug in her heels and, astonishingly, blamed the congressman for her error.

It should be noted that Congressman Michael San Nicolas repeatedly and for months warned the Guam Legislature and Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero that Ms. Muna Barnes's legislation would threaten the federal war claims legislation.

Here is Ms. Muna Barnes's response to Kandit News's question:

"To date, the only Member of Congress to complain about Bill 181 is Mike San Nicolas. If HR 1365 is now facing danger in the Senate, maybe it’s because he's so loudly complained about the smoke, no one can tell that he started the fire.
As we enter the 76th year of Guam’s liberation, as we keep trying for almost 40 years in Congress since Congressman Antonio B. Won Pat in September 21, 1983, its time to put our money where our mouths are at and respectfully make whole and compensate greatest generation that has ever lived.
Continuing to not give up, I will be meeting with members of the Senate Judiciary Committee where I will advocate for the passage of HR 1365. Like the Spirit of the CHamoru People, we will be resilient and keep trying. We can sit here and waste time, but for our Saina’s, it’s a race against time."
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