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NEWS: Survivor sues church for rape by priest & FD teacher

"When the rod is spared the child gets spoiled" - the words of a monster

By Troy Torres

(Tumon, Guam) A rape survivor identified in federal court filings today as OOO, is suing the Catholic Church for knowing about and concealing his rape by two Capuchin priests: Louis Brouillard, and George Maddock.

Both priests died in 2018, just days apart. Both were teachers at Father Duenas Memorial School, an all-boys high school in Mangilao, between 1972 and 1974.

The suit in the District Court of Guam filed today by OOO's attorney, David Lujan, states that OOO's parents sent the boy, who was in the 9th grade at the time between 1972 and 1974, to live in Maddock's Ordot home because OOO was beyond his parents's control and care.

"The day Maddock took control, Maddock took OOO to his house and beat OOO with his hands after pulling OOO's pants down, spanking OOO's bare buttock viciously all the time loudly admonishing that 'when the rod is spared the child gets spoiled.' OOO was raped by Maddock by forcefully inserting his penis into OOO's anus.
"During the summer of 1973, Maddock taught OOO to be an altar boy while he served as a temporary priest on one of the islands of CNMI. Maddock forced OOO to drink the sacramental wine to get OOO drunk and loose. Then Maddock would sodomize OOO by performing fellatio and anal penetration... This occurred two [to] three times a week.
"Upon OOO and Maddock's return to Guam, and throughout OOO's 10th grade schooling at FDMS, Maddock penetrated OOO at least once a week, digitally or penis wise. In addition, Maddock molested OOO two [to] three times weekly by performing masturbation and/or fellatio, and would also force OOO to perform likewise.
"On at least three occasions while OOO was showering alone, Brouillard would enter the shower and grab and play with OOO's penis. After a minute or two, OOO would resist and move away from Brouillard."

The repeated rapes and abuse as a sexual object of the two priests catapulted OOO into drug use throughout his life, and to his own crimes. The complaint implies that OOO is constantly questioning whether he will be an abuser himself.

OOO also has information that church officials, including the late Bishop Apolinaris Baumgartner for whom a school in Sinajana is named, knew about the rapes.

"[O]ther priests and representatives of the Capuchins, the Marist Brothers and the Agana Archdiocese, including Bishop Baumgartner and other individuals named herein as Doe defendants, were aware of the sexual abuses committed by Maddock and Brouillard and deliberately remained quiet and withheld such information from third parties including OOO's parents or guardians and law enforcement authorities, in order to protect Maddock and Brouillard, the Agana Archdiocese, the Capuchins and the Marist Brothers, thereby placing their loyalty above their duty to protect the minor children and their legal responsibilities."

The suit states that rather than reporting these heinous crimes to law enforcement, the church officials helped the two priests to evade justice by concealing their crimes.

The case against Rome

The sexual abuse scandal the Archdiocese of Agana is facing in federal court is considered by far the worst in the world among all the Roman Catholic Church's dioceses in relation to the number of reported and suspected victims per capita.

Former archbishop Anthony Apuron, who was convicted by a Vatican tribunal of charges involving his own sexual misconduct of several boys in the 1970s, and the coverup of the church's crimes in this region, is seen as a pivotal link between localized knowledge of the coverup and the knowledge of the Vatican, including former popes and Curia officials.

It is unknown whether the victims who thus far have sued the Archdiocese of Agana in federal court will seek to hold the Vatican responsible as well.

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The link I provided below doesn't work. This one does:


There is a long, horrid, history of abuse by the Catholic clergy perpetrated on young men and boys. Equally long and horrid is the blind observance of parishioners, who incorrectly believe that practicing their Catholic faith will somehow save them. The Holy Church is, and has always been, used as a means of social control. Even Christopher Marlowe said this, and was denounced as a heretic, in 1603.

And yet, in the CNMI, Catholicism reigns, but is rarely practiced by the faithful. Many are mean, arrogant, and egoic, despite their piety on Sundays and at funerals. These people are "convenient" Christians, and this is widespread in the commonwealth.

I first learned about the staggering abuses by (mostly) the Jesuits, who…

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