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NEWS: Torres pays Guerrero thousands in illegal overtime

By Eric Rosario

While thousands of Commonwealth families had to suffer at the hands of Gov. Ralph Torres's furlough due to austerity and the Coronavirus crisis, Mr. Torres paid his public safety commissioner, Robert Guerrero, at least $2,562.50 in overtime alone for a 12-day period.

A document leaked to Kandit News shows Mr. Torres's authorization for overtime pay for Mr. Guerrero for the pay period between May 11 and May 23, 2020. The authorization logs overtime hours, for which Mr. Guerrero was paid double his rate of pay, which is believed to be $65,000 per annum, or $31.25 per hour.

The total overtime hours paid to Mr. Guerrero for this period was 41 at a rate of $62.50 per hour.

Mr. Guerrero is an exempt employee and, as such, it is illegal for him to have accrued and been paid overtime hours.

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