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NEWS: Violence against women dominates today's crime reports

By Johnnie Rosario

The majority of today's magistrates complaints involve arrests for family violence allegations.

Alfred Mateo, 58, was arrested Monday after an alleged altercation with his mother at her home. According to prosecutor Leonardo Rapadas, his mother found him consuming alcohol in her garage. "He was telling her that he hated his sister and had issues with her," Mr. Rapadas stated in his declaration of probable cause against Mr. Mateo, "then attempted to hang himself with his shoelaces."

According to Mr. Rapadas, he then went inside the home, emerged with two knives, and exclaimed, "This is how I'm going to kill you guys!"

"The defendant held one knife in one hand and drew the other knife across his neck in a throat slitting motion," according to the complaint.

Mr. Rapadas is bringing charges of third degree felony terrorizing and third degree felony family violence with a special allegation of possession and use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony against Mr. Mateo.

Man accused of beating girlfriend while she held their infant daughter

Police yesterday arrested 21-year-old Kerpo Ephiny for allegedly beating his girlfriend while she was holding their infant daughter.

According to prosecutor Renaida San Nicolas, Mr. Ephiny's girlfriend was holding the infant when she asked him to drop her to her mother's home. He refused twice before she asked him a third time, after which he threw a slipper at her.

"Fearing that the defendant would throw his other slipper at victim, victim then turned around in an effort to shield their infant daughter. Defendant then ran towards (sic) victim and punched the back of victim's head, which caused victim to stumble forwards (sic). Defendant then grabbed a wooden chair and approached victim. Victim, still carrying their infant, ran in the residence and they continued to argue."

Ms. San Nicolas is charging Mr. Ephiny with misdemeanor family violence.

Police find man who allegedly beat his girlfriend in May

Allen James Toves, Sr., 39, was arrested yesterday, when police officers pulled him over a vehicle he was in for expired registration tags. He was the passenger. Officers had been looking for Mr. Toves since May 4, when his girlfriend at the time walked into the Dededo police precinct with cuts and bruises to her face and said that Mr. Toves had beat her.

"She received medical treatment," prosecutor Renaida San Nicolas stated in her declaration of probable cause against Mr. Toves. "She told the officers that for some unknown reason he assaulted her. The assault was witnessed by their minor child."

Ms. San Nicolas is charging Mr. Toves with misdemeanor family violence.

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