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No community spread Thursday; only 26 known to have coronavirus on Guam

By Eric Rosario

Only 11 people tested positive for the coronavirus on Guam since the month started. More than half of those were caught in quarantine. The number of people known to have active coronavirus infection dwindled from 42 to 26.

And yesterday, there was no community spread. Cautionary note from Dr. Felix Cabrera, though: "It's just for the single day."

While community spread still is an active concern, island residents's agility to the nearly-year-old public health emergency guidelines has greatly decreased the spread of the disease.

The data, which the Joint Information Center sends at least daily to the public, also demonstrates the continuing risk of spread travelers present to the rest of the population, as now the majority of cases are caught in the quarantine hotels.

Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero hopes to allay any public health crisis with a goal of mass vaccination that leads to herd immunity by Liberation Day, or July 21, 2021.

Mass vaccination clinics will resume Monday, March 8 (information below). The administration also will be placing an order for the newly-approved vaccine from Johnson & Johnson, accelerating the governor's hopes of herd immunity.

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